About us

Begin your study adventures at Biil and experience one of the world’s premium destinations!

Begin your study adventures at Biil and experience one of the world’s premium destinations!

Our school is located in the heart of Chennai. Our location also provides an ideal setting for international students, as it offers a safe environment with a wide range of local sporting amenities and shuttle transportation to and from the student residence.

Free Wi-Fi available within the school
Library/ Study room

At Biil, we understand that there are many reasons why people choose to study different languages and we will provide you with a stimulating environment that will help you achieve your goals. Biil offers you a wide selection of program taught by experienced teachers, who will assist you in achieving your learning objectives and settling into your new course.

Maximum class size: 15

Teachers: Native Language speakers

Available courses

  • General English
  • Fluent English
  • Spoken English Proficiency
  • Spoken English Competency
  • Soft Skills
  • Corporate Training
  • Business English
  • Biil School Plus
  • Biil Summer English Camp

Why choose Bill ?

Great Teachers and Classroom Resources

At Biil, all our trainers are native language speakers, who are qualified and experienced not only in teaching to the highest standards but also in helping you learn language using digital classroom technology.

Language and Social Programme

Providing much more than just a social programme, our team plans activities, that will help you develop your language skills at the same time as having fun – sometimes the most effective way of learning!

Students from all over the world

With students from over 41 different nationalities each year, you’ll have to use language to make long lasting friends. This will help you in improving your language unconditionally.


Our School Location

Our location in the heart of new Chennai, offers you great access to public transport, as well as being within close proximity of the Shops.

Open Door Policy

If you have concerns or questions about any aspect of your experience, there is always a member of staff available to help.


24-hour Helpline

A reassuring service for you and your family – our emergency helpline provides assistance at any time of the day or night.

“At  Biil, learning Language is about so much more than lessons. We want to help you achieve your learning objectives whilst integrating you to our student community.  We pride ourselves in the sense of camaraderie and the family atmosphere of our school and we can promise you that your school will become not just a place of learning but also a second home.

 Our Students Say!