Biil Summer English Camp

Improve your language skills and make new friends!

Biil Summer English Camp Training in Chennai

The prime objective of Biil Summer English Camp is to train school students in fluent English the play-way method. This is primarily a program conducted during Summer Vacation.

For Who is the Course for:

This program is for kids. Admission is based on an assessment made by the teacher, and not by the class in which the kid is studying. A kid from class 4 who has a good knowledge of English may be admitted to a level higher than this.


  • The student will gain the confidence by increasing their vocabulary, grammar, practicing basic patterns, by beginning to read & understand the words and sentences in English.
  • The General English Course empowers the learners to withstand everyday conversation with clarity and accuracy.


  • Lesson related audio, word drills, pronunciation practice and English conversation.
  • Newly refurbished classrooms with interactive whiteboards.
  • Nuances of Grammar and Speaking Practice with Grammar inputs.
  • Practice handouts and CD’s.
  • Pair and group activities.
  • Dialogue based honing of accuracy.
  • Free Internet access.





Anyone who is interested in learning the basic English language can take up the Course at our English Labs. The student can possess any degree.

Duration: 2 month (2 Hours /day)

Lesson Times: Monday to Sunday to 17:30 – 19:30


At the end of the Biil Summer English Camp, you will be provided with British Institute of English Certificate.