Corporate Training

 Whether you want a closed group for  corporate training or for a school trip, we can help you!

Corporate Training

Biil has successfully trained personnel in various organisations. Our clients endorse our carefully researched courses to perfectly suit the demands of the e-age workplace.

We will consult and collaborate with you to get to create the best learning solutions for effective and lasting results.

Here are some of the options we can offer:

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General English

The General English course, you will develop your language and communication skills, improve your reading, writing, listening and speaking, whilst studying a range of topics, depending upon your ability.

Customer service

One powerful tool for solving problems through collaboration and consensus is called the affinity process. This will help you clearly identify the problem, rather than just the symptoms. Then you seek root causes so that you can focus on.

Telephone skills

The module will help you identify small changes that can make a big difference in customer service. Finally, you will build confidence in yourselves and your abilities to be both responsive and proactive in your customer contacts.


Conflict management

Customers typically do business with the organizations they believe have the capability to meet their expectations. Every direct or indirect interaction with customer potentially impacts their experience.

English for business

Our English for Business helps learners to develop their reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. It’s suitable for those wishing to understand English in a business context, develop the ability to use the language in a practical way.


English for hospitality

The foundation of creating a customer service culture is understanding expectations, going the extra mile, and being a customer advocate. Applying behaviors of helpfulness, genuine interest, and respect moves customers from hostile or ambivalent toward supportive.